* La Grande Vie *

La Grande Vie is the big life don't you know?

La Grande Vie is wandering around streets with nothing but a great photographer and a bag full of candy.
La Grande Vie is changing in hidden corners.
La Grande Vie is not giving a damn! Being a rebel in your own cause...
La Grande Vie is feeling the intensity of your biggest desires, doing what you do best!
La Grand Vie is friends, getting dressed-up, wine & fun ... It is a great ball indeed.
La Grand Vie is knowing that things are far better done than imagined.

Somewhere between vintage earrings, statement belts, floaty shirts & all the personal meaning of it - is where my cocoon can be found... Nothing feels better than breaking it with the most marvelous wings and fly fly fly through this endless afternoon.

That's exactly what Oli & I did!
In the wonderful company of Rostislav Rusinov & his big big... Wait! Did I say big already? Big camera!



Lord save the Queen, Bitch is in town!

When fingers migrate from lips to the belly button and decide that a trip down south is the perfect destination. Moisten , feel…slide…yeah…slow, so that against all odds time will also slow down giving a complete new perspective to Einstein’s theory.
When all  sensations meet for a pleasant ball -  where taste is sweet, listening is early birds, vision is long long gone and tact… Well we know where tact is. 
The convulsions of a body that no longer belongs, no longer exists to the contractions of a soul that becomes tighter & smaller until it explodes expelling a slippery fluid that some call “cum” but I prefer to refer to as elucidation, expansion… Transcendence!
“Breaking down all the walls until there is no left ceiling”
Rubbing & rubbing as if to erase the very epicentre of stagnation.

Toc toc toc toc is the beat that I compose by every step while rocking my new Privileged shoes.
Such sense of freedom that if my hair was long I would loosen it, the cold wind on my neck & the tingling earrings on my ears. Singing, dancing, breaking my ass of as a celebration of a freedom that I now realise that no matter where is mine to own, mine to chase & mine to conquer. 

If there is a feeling that moving to a new city gives you is release - the intimidation and yet excitement within a blank page.
Liberté to freak out & take the top off because God-damn-it nipples out are legal in New York!
To mingle! Contacts? Shoot! 
At toast to the fact that there are more business cards raining than water itself…
To taking off those marrrrvelous-blue-golden-winged-boots because they weren’t that comfortable after all. To dress up for work & then realize that you spent all your salary on another pair of shoes… shit!… crying on the pouring rain because your money is gone & so is your hope! Then laughing & showering under that same rain because of that exciting Happn date!
To be scared of passing by that dark street because you’re wearing a rabbit fur coat & that creep-o fox is starring at you! 
A different state of amplitude combined with the smell of fresh meat which one longs to devour.
No reception in the tube & no sits on the bus.

From the euphoria of sunny days to the melancholy of the rainy ones - London my dear I love you!